Park Rules

  1. Dogs are to be kept on a short leash and exercised off the park.  Any accidental fouling must be cleared immediately and disposed of responsibly.  A maximum of two dogs per holiday home are allowed.
  2. Extreme care should be exercised at all times when driving the cars on grassed areas and particularly in wet conditions.  Occasionally we will deem it necessary to prohibit the access of vehicles to all grassed areas.  Cars are allowed on to the grass to load/unload and we request that they then be parked on the car park.
  3. Excessive noise is not permitted, especially at night time.
  4. Anyone causing a nuisance will be asked to leave the park.
  5. All refuse/rubbish must be deposited in the appropriate bins provided.  Please separate newspapers, magazines, bottles and jars for recycling. Green bins for grass cuttings, garden waste only – no stones, plastic bags or plant pots.  Large amounts of weeds or grass cuttings can be placed on the large compost heap by the electric sub-station.
  6. All holiday home owners’ visitors must be made aware of and abide by these park rules.
  7. A 10mph maximum speed limit is to be observed at all times.  Pedestrians have right of way. Gravel roads increase the stopping time of all vehicles.
  8. Bicycle riding is not allowed on the park.  Bicycles are to be stored in our locked bicycle shed but with additional security to be provided by their owners. The code on the digital bike shed is periodically changed.
  9. No ball games are to be played on the park.
  10. There must be no trespassing on the adjoining private land.
  11. During the closed season holiday homes can be visited in daylight hours only.  The entrance gates may be locked during this time.  Please park cars on the car park opposite reception.
  12. All holiday home sales and purchases must be conducted through the park owners.
  13. No sub-letting is permitted nor any business conducted from this site.
  14. Garden areas immediately surrounding holiday homes must be kept neat and tidy.  A charge will be made to maintain tidiness if necessary.  The exterior of your holiday home must be cleaned at least once a year and any verandas cleaned and treated with a brown tone preservative.  We provide an ‘at cost’ service should this be required.
  15. No external alterations to holiday homes, garden areas, pitches or verandas etc. are allowed without permission from the park owners.
  16. To minimise the risk of fire, storage boxes must be constructed of non-combustible material.  Items must not be stored underneath holiday homes.  A maximum of two storage boxes are allowed, preferably locked or with lids made secure.
  17. All holiday homes must be adequately insured.
  18. Ensure all taps and lights are turned off after using the laundry.
  19. Please take note of the locations of the parks fire fighting equipment and familiarise yourself with the procedures and methods of use.
  20. Please secure loose articles e.g. chairs and tables because in high winds they can be displaced from their normal position and cause damage to other people’s property. Gazebos may only be erected with prior permission from the owners and must be secured properly as both wind and rain can cause them to relocate with potential damage to other peoples’ property.