Park Rules

  1. No electrical items are to be used in awnings.
  2. Gazebos and tents are not allowed on touring pitches.
  3. No cycling/skateboards/skates/scooters are to be used around the toilet block.
  4. Children under 5 yrs to be accompanied by an adult in toilet blocks.
  5. No animals allowed inside the toilet block or on the play areas.
  6. No smoking allowed inside the toilet block.
  7. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times, clean up its poo the dog can’t! Your dog is your responsibility.
  8. No washing lines allowed on pitches.
  9. No nappies/sanitary items to be emptied in the sluices/chemical disposal points, please put them in the bins.
  10. Ball games are prohibited on the park.
  11. No alcohol to be taken or consumed in the games room.
  12. Barbecues are allowed on site but must be off the ground so as not to cause any burn marks.
  13. No hot coals or ashes to be placed in the bins.
  14. Please drive as slowly as possible. Everyone wants to feel safe. There is a 5mph speed limit on site, so no excuses!
  15. Please leave your pitch how you would expect to find it.
  16. Please respect others and remember noise carries. No noise after 11.30pm. Please act in a courteous manner to ourselves and other guests.
  17. Departures are to be by 12.00 noon